What to Wear on a First Date!

While you’re gearing up for your first date, it is likely that you are dealing with several questions, one of which is -- What to wear?

After all, first impressions can make or break your first date and you want to make sure that you are dressing the part. Your wardrobe maybe full of a variety of exquisite apparels, but selecting an outfit for the first date can be tricky. You want something that’s stylish yet comfortable and portrays the best of you.

Before you jump and turn your wardrobe upside down, consider a few things:

  • What kind of date is it? Your look for a coffee date would be very different from that of a dinner date
  • What is the weather like? Remember, wearing a scarlet red shirt on a muggy summer afternoon could be an instant turnoff.  
  • What is the travel mode? Something too fancy and over the top may not be a good idea if you plan to take a metro on a busy day. 

Once you sort the above questions, the following tips would make your selection process a bit easier.

Choose something comfortable, yet well fitted

Your outfit should enhance your best features. At the same time, it should allow you to sit, walk, bend, and comfortably move around. The last thing you’d like to do on a date is adjusting to your clothes.

A stylish t-shirt could be a great choice for a date. It is easy to wear, looks great and is very comfortable.

Colours and style that complements your personality

The colour and style of your dress can make a huge impact on your overall appearance. But make sure you pick something that goes well with your skin tone.

Today’s fashion is extremely dynamic and offers a wide variety of clothing styles. While it may be tempting to choose a trendy outfit recently sported by your favorite actor, but it may not look as good on you. Instead, select something that would complement your body type and suit your personality. 

Use the right amount of accessories and makeup

It’s important to get the basics right when it comes to your first date outfit. Whether it is the amount of gel in the hairs, mascara on your lashes or kohl in the eyes – learn to strike the right balance. Also, it is better to go easy on accessories as well. Think twice before you reach out for your favourite neckpiece or the pair of cufflinks. Balance is the key.

Wear comfortable shoes

Your shoes carry your entire body weight and must be selected with care. Pick up a pair that goes well with your ensemble and keep your feet happy too. After all, you may not know how your first date goes. If there are any chances of walking long distance or dancing together, it’s best to pick comfortable shoes over flashy ones.

Let your first date be memorable

The experience of your first date depends a lot on how confident you are, and your attire contributes a lot to it. Simple tips well implemented, will certainly add charm to your personality. Just don’t forget to finish your look with a smile. It’s contagious!